March 17, 2008

Israeli consultancy Eco Energy looks for second-generation biofuel

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The holy grail for researchers into second-generation biofuels is to identify substitutes for fossil fuels which don’t compete with and raise prices of food crops such as sugar and corn, and avoid deforestation.

Israel 21c reports:

 One promising biofuel alternative that Israelis are actively working on is made from seaweed, or more accurately algae. Not long ago, those on the quest convened at the Samuel Neeman Institute at the Technion-Israel Technological Institute, to find ways to help Israel accelerate development in this area.

Dr. Amit Mor from Eco Energy, an energy investment and consulting firm, is an advocate of renewable energy solutions. He was at the meeting. Through Eco Energy, Mor and his partner Shimon Serroussi specialize in greening Israel’s energy, environmental, and infrastructure sectors.

Their latest projects include conducting due diligence for renewable energy projects, such as wind farms, solar energy, bio-fuels and clean-tech startups. They conduct financial valuations and write business plans for Israeli oil refineries, petroleum depots, and power plants.

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