March 20, 2008

Greens should recognise that climate change is an international threat requiring international cooperation – no exceptions

Posted in climate change, cooperation at 4:21 pm by greensstoptheboycott

Here’s an example of international cooperation – people from different parts of the worlds learning about each others’ environmental successes and failures by going hiking together.

The boycott is un-Green.


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  1. Raphael said,

    Just a thought (one one which I intend to elaborate when I have more time…)…

    Some of posts (maybe just this one), on our blog, claim that it is not Green to boycott. The boycotters, of course, claim that it is Green to boycott, and ungreen to oppose boycott… When they used this “argument” (and they did at nauseam), it struck me as empty rhetoric.

    Beyond the antiracism aspect, I found really interesting one of the point made by Toby about the simplistic vision of the world of the boycotters. Greens ought to face the challenges of a complex world, as they do face the complexity of the economic and scientific problems related to climate change…

    Anecdotically, this line of argumentation would also clearly extend the debate from the boycott issue towards the much more interesting question of what is Green politics when we are talking of international issues.


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