February 27, 2008

Israel, climate change and the European Union

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In the Jerusalem Post, EU Ambassador to Israel Ramiro Cibrián-Uzal answers the following questions:

  • What does the European Commission intend to do in order to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases?
  • How can the EU and Israel join forces to that end?
  • How can Israeli companies and entrepreneurs take part in the European effort to replace fossil fuels?
  • What do you think about the new electric car that is being pursued by two Israeli entrepreneurs?
  • How can the European Union’s institutions help promote that initiative in Europe?
  • How can Israeli small- and medium-sized enterprises reach out for a bigger share in the European market?

See Page 1 of the interview for Cibrián-Uzal’s answers to more general questions about Israel and the EU.


February 17, 2008

Green Party of England and Wales calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel

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The Greens have passed Resolutions C05 See Engage for a report and comment by Raphael Levy.